The Society of Management & Development Consultants – SMDC- is an Organization regrouping experts, consultants, and advisors belonging to diversified industries. Their common goals, to communicate with each other under one forum, share their expertise, and most importantly raise the standards of the consulting and advisory field propelled them to unite and bring together their skills. The latter crystallized by founding SMDC.

Since its inception SMDC board members have been endeavoring to achieve those goals via connecting with the rest of the experts and consultants and enrolling them in SMDC and via joining the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes – ICMCI – in order to secure the capacity-building and the certification for the CMC (Certified Management Consultant) designation.

The Society of Management & Development Consultant – SMDC- is officially registered at the Ministry of Interior under No.1462 dated 19/8/2013.



“A Lebanese Consultant in every consulting mission worldwide”


  • SMDC is to be the collective voice of Lebanese consultants, advocating for the profession.
  • SMDC is aiming at the dissemination of the values and consulting best practices, in public and private organizations.
  • SMDC will play a leading role in the development of its national strategies and policies.
  • SMDC is determined to improve the enabling environment for Lebanese Consultants.
  • SMDC will provide a wide range of consulting services through strategic partnerships among its members and key stakeholders.