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Our FREE Consultancy Finder Service can take the pain out of finding suitable consultancy practices. We can produce a short, targeted, list of specialist consulting practices to fit your needs. Our database holds information on over 100 practices with a range of specialist skills and sector experience.

Complete our Consultancy Finder form and email it to us.

By using a recommended practice from SMDC we are guaranteeing that the consultants you work with will:

  • Abide by the SMDC’s Code of Professional Conduct
  • Have relevant recent experience to meet your needs

Why should I use an SMDC Consultant?

Purchasing consultants is an increasingly risky activity. Many businesses will encounter individuals and firms that either do not or are actually incapable of delivering on the promises set out at the tendering stage. There are several reasons why this might be the case; lack of manpower, poor internal management, lack of skills and knowledge or inexperience.

By using an SMDC member, buyers are able to mitigate the risks attached with purchasing, particularly if the client very rarely or has never purchased professional services before.

Our resources and processes ensure that by using SMDC members buyers can:

  • Buy in confidence by taking advantage of the resources made available to those buying consultancy services
  • Have trust in their selected consultant, knowing that they adhere to SMDC Professional Code of Conduct
  • Have the backing and support of SMDC should problems with our members arise


To assist prospective clients’ source and procure consultants SMDC has developed a ‘Buying consultancy services’ guide that offers guidance on a number of important process steps, if you like to have a FREE copy of the Guide please contact us.

Best Practice Buying

How do I buy a consultant?

How do I know if I’m getting value for money?

What is consultancy best practice?

As the only Lebanese professional body that represents both individual consultants and consultancy firms we are often the first port of call for prospective clients who want to ensure their purchasing process abides by best practice in order to demonstrate maximum value to internal stakeholders.

As a result we have produced a succinct ‘Buying consultancy services’ guide for anyone to access.

The guide covers planning, internal stakeholder engagement, contractual terms and the tender process amongst many other process steps. Within the guide there links to other documents created by SMDC including a framework for managing internal stakeholders and a checklist for using management consultants from our exclusive member resource ConsultingBox.

Buying consultancy services guide