Middle East Consulting Industry

Lebanon is a significant exporter of management consulting services. SMDC members increase their exports significantly after joining.

All of the major global consulting firms are strong in the Lebanese consulting industry – but so are many specialist smaller firms and individual experts which have specific expertise or skills.

Independent research for SMDC has shown that consulting projects, on average, generate benefits for clients worth $6 for every $1 spent in fees.

Lebanese consultants are regional leaders in the industry that spans a wide array of firms, some of which only undertake ‘pure’ management consulting work, some of which are sub-contractors of larger firms that also undertake IT systems development, outsourcing, and other activities.


Management consulting firms provide a broad range of services, from help in defining strategies to implementing large-scale IT and change programmes, and from coaching individuals and teams to providing expert advice in specialized fields.

Lebanese consultants are a positive economic force. Fundamental to the success of the entire Lebanese economy, consulting industry in its ability to deliver high quality services that create sustainable value to organizations, based on knowledge-intensive activities that contribute to an accelerated pace of technical and scientific advance, as well as rapid obsolescence. The key component of a knowledge economy is a greater reliance on intellectual capabilities than on physical inputs or natural resources.

SMDC also promotes the positive contribution made by the industry to the economy and wider society through our annual  SMDC Awards. Lebanese consulting firms work for almost all of the region’s leading companies, private and public sectors.

In recent years, Lebanese consultants have helped public sector organizations to save money – and to improve the quality of their services and created innovative ways of delivering local government services.