SMDC Board

Dr. Mohanad El Assaad


An economist by training with a Doctorate in Economic Development from the Free University of Brussels. 20 plus years of experience in sustainable development and in managing development projects with International organizations. Executive Director / Partner of the Belgian consulting firm TRANSTEC SA and Chairman of the board of the NGO Lebanon for Development.

Mobile: + 961 3 71 04 75
LinkedIN: mohanadel assaad

Dr. Salim Hajje


A Strategist with a Doctorate in Management Strategy from the University of Michigan. International multicultural expert, 20 plus years experience in franchising, management, financing, marketing, communication and organizational relationships. CEO of Business Unlimited.

Mobile: + 961 3 39 43 25
LinkedIN: salimhajje

Reda Maamari

Board Member

From Micro to Macro- Expert in all matters related to Economy and Finance; with a Bsc and Msc from the London School of Economics and 20 plus years of experience in micro-finance, business development, investment finance and economic and strategic consulting. Chairman of ProDev Group..

Mobile: + 961 3 29 39 50
LinkedIN: reda maamari

Omar Hallab

Board Member

Financial and Management consultant, assisting public and private entities in elaborating and implementing their budget, providing advisory in all aspects of financial situations and conducting management and financial audit. Board Member of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists

Mobile: + 961 3 22 91 55
LinkedIN: omar m hallab

Hicham Abou Jaoude

Secretary General

Specialist in sustainable development, labor market, employment policies, private sector affairs and green economy. Partner and CEO of DMA, a firm providing consultancy and capacity building on social, economic, and environmentaldevelopment, management and creation of projects.

Mobile: + 961 3 41 22 67
LinkedIN: hicham abou jaoude

Roger Melki


Economist – Consultant. Sector development specialist with large experience in international cooperation projects and programs. Advisor and facilitator to support public and private sector dialog. MBA in Economics


Mobile: + 961 3 242775
LinkedIN: roger melki

Nassib Nasr

Board Member

Deputy general Manager of Apave International and Regional manager for Apave in the MENA countries. International experience with Civil engineering diploma from ESIB-Chebap.

Mobile: + 961 3 888239
LinkedIN: nassib nasr

Roger E Khayat

Board Member

Economic & Business consultant, former chairman of the Economic committee at the Economic & Social Council, economic advisor to the CCIA Beirut & Mt-Lebanon

Mobile: : + 961 3 236690
LinkedIN: roger e khayat

Dr. Bashir Osmat

Board Member

Socio-economist with strong experience in coordinating and managing development projects.

In depth knowledge of the geographical, economical, social and cultural data of the whole Arab world territory; local development sector (NGOs and the elements of the civil society, public institutions, etc…)

Mobile: + 961 3 67 34 05
LinkedIN: bashir osmat

Roy Badaro

Board Member

Private Sector Development
Public Policy
Economic Analysis

Mobile: +9613295454
LinkedIN: Roy Badaro

Randa Aractingi

Board Member

Company management: design, implementation, control.
Reengineering and management of change in enterprises.
Focus on Access to Finance: micro credit and micro finance, insurance, savings and community development programs.
Digital Financial Services
Technical assistance schemes, ToT and Implementation of procedures.
Monitoring and evaluation of projects and risk analysis.
Experience in several MENA countries.

Mobile: +9613652007
LinkedIN: Randa Aractingi